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Dixie Little League and COVID-19

Dixie Little League and Little League International are taking COVID-19 virus very seriously.  Therefore as part of re-opening, Dixie Little League is following the best practices and guidelines set forth by the CDC, Little League International, and the City of Houston.

Wash Your Hands Often - We will stock our park restrooms with Antibacterial Soap as well as Hand Sanitizer. 

Stay Sanitized - Each team will be provided with a Stay Safe kit including Spray Sanitizer and Disposable face masks.  Any common areas, ie batting cages or dugouts should be sprayed down after each use.

Practice Social Distancing - Although everyone wants to see their child play baseball or softball we want to maintain social distancing.  This may mean sitting further along the baselines.  Bleachers will be sectioned off to skip every other bench.

Wear face coverings - Although we are outdoors, reopening the parks will create more traffic at the park.  You never know when someone might pass by you and sneeze or cough producing droplets in the air you and your family breathe.  

Self Monitor - Stay home if you feel ill, we will be monitoring temperatures and you and/or your child will not be allowed to participate if they present with a fever or show symptoms of COVID-19.  

In accordance with City of Houston guidelines, we will be limited to 24 players on a field at one time.  We will have a 3 hour time limit for league activities at the park during the week and 4 hours on the weekend.

On Field Guidelines
Players, coaches, umpires, and volunteers must practice social distancing and are required to wear masks when in situations where social distancing is not feasible, ie. dugout.

Players are encouraged to wear masks but will be optional during game play.  

Equipment will not be shared.  Bats, gloves, batting helmet, catcher's equipment should not be shared.  Baseballs should be changed frequently, and any shared baseballs should not be used with members of other teams.

Players should bring their own drinks.  The league will not provide a common water cooler for games.

As much as we enjoy our traditional "Good Game"  high fives at the end of the game, players should maintain social distancing and either tip their ball caps or give air fives.

Sunflower seeds, gum chewing is highly discouraged.  

Pre-game Manager meetings should maintain a safe social distancing between managers and umpires.


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